Börte İpek

Börte İpek, currently lives and continues her works in her at-home studio in Istanbul.She studied at Venice Fine Arts Accademy and completed her undergraduate studies at Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department. Since then she has evolved many times over, exploring psychology and individuality. In addition to the group exhibition she took part in, her first group exhibition "We Live Among Monsters" was held at PG Art Gallery in 2020.

Her work primarily focuses on individual and social memory; how it's shaped throughout the time and it affects our vision for a lifetime. Her paintings are expressive and fictional; the audience is first invited into see the obvious mostly the figures, throughout the journey, the spectator follows a path complemented by roughly painted figures and spaces. This journey is mostly about expressive brush strokes shaping abstract details for the spectator’s own imagination, and creates alternative storylines. The initial narrative created by the artist gets richer in time with a deeper observation.