Burcu Erden

Born in 1986 in Istanbul, Burcu Erden proceeds through the relationship to be established between the sculpture and the audience during the production process. This way, she questions the decisiveness of scale and position in this relationship. By playing with the scale of the sculpture, it reshapes the defined visual patterns associated with power and bureaucracy.

In her works where she focuses on the position of the statue, she freezes the figures in an uncomfortable, inappropriate and sometimes even strange way and compresses them into a form that they cannot maintain.

In both approaches, the artist invites the viewer to look at these images again and to question the time and place they are in, along with the connotations they carry. Erden reveals the uncomfortable and fragile states of postures with all their delicacy when she shapes them by processing with mud material, while when she transforms them into composite material with high strength, she creates the dilemma that they are in a sustainable position. The dynamic modulation on the surface, the movements of light and shadow and the tension in the angles carry a liveliness in contrast to this opacity.