Merve Morkoç

Merve Morkoç was born in İstanbul in 1985 and lives and works in Istanbul. She had five solo exhibitons entitled ’1335’ at The Hall (2010); ‘Netame Hanım ve Kumpanyası’ (Ms. Sinister and her Ensemble) at Gallery Milk (2010); ‘Prone’ at Galerist (2011); 2+1, Galerist (2014) and “Yes It’s Alive, No It’s Not”, UP Art Project (2022). Her work has also been part of group exhibitions such as “Hayvan Gibi Sergi” at Gallery Milk (2012); ‘Outside – in’ at Alan Istanbul (2012) and “Signs of Time” at Galerist (2013).

Merve Morkoç, often combines different practices that reflects the way her mind works and uses them in perfect concordance with the idea following her conscious thoughts. Merve Morkoç questions memorized concepts in a unique plastic language, in the relationship of form and matter, by transforming her experiment into a part of her process, using different production forms and materials such as painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography.